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Sundays in May 2019

8th May 2019 admin 0

Each Sunday       10:30am & 6:00pm 5th:                      Andrew Graham12th:                    Andrew Graham19th:                    Nigel Eardley26th:              Nigel Eardley

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Sundays in April 2019

31st March 2019 admin 0

Sunday Services Each Sunday       10:30am                       6:00pm 7th:                      George Verwer             Andrew Graham 14th:                    Nigel Eardley                Andrew Graham 21st:                    Special Easter Service […]

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Sundays in March 2019

1st March 2019 admin 0

Each Sunday       10:30am                     6:00pm 3rd:                     Andrew Graham         Al Simms (People International) 10th:                   Nigel Eardley              Andrew Graham 17th:                   Andrew Graham         Paul Harvey 24th:                   Andrew […]

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Sundays in February 2019

31st January 2019 admin 0

Each Sunday       10:30am                         6:00pm 3rd:                     Andrew Graham            Andrew Graham 10th:                   Andrew Graham            Nigel Eardley 17th:                   Nigel Eardley                  Andrew Graham 24th:                    Nigel Eardley                  […]

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Sundays in December 2018

29th November 2018 admin 0

Preachers as follows, but also note the Christmas programme: Date                   10:30am                         6:00pm 2nd     […]

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Sundays in September 2018

2nd September 2018 admin 0

Sunday 10:30am 6:00pm 2nd: Andrew Graham Nigel Eardley 9th: Nigel Eardley Andrew Graham 16th: Andrew Graham Nigel Eardley 23rd: Nigel Eardley Andrew Graham 30th: Andrew […]

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Sundays August 2018

30th July 2018 admin 0

Each Sunday             10:30am                             4:00pm. 5th:                              Nigel Eardley                    Praise in the Park 12th:                           Andrew Graham              Praise in the Park 19th:                           Nigel Eardley                    Praise […]

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Sundays July 2018

13th July 2018 admin 0

Each Sunday             10:30am                             6:00pm. 1st:                              Andrew Graham              Andrew Graham 8th:                              Andrew Graham              Andrew Graham 15th:                           Steve Neal                           Andrew Graham 22nd:                          Nigel Eardley                    […]

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Sundays in June 2018

26th May 2018 admin 0

Each Sunday             10:30am                             6:00pm. 3rd:                             Nigel Eardley                    Nigel Eardley 10th:                           Andrew Graham              Nigel Eardley 17th:                           Nigel Eardley                    Andrew Graham 24th:                           Andrew Graham              […]

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Sundays in November 2017

13th November 2017 admin 0

5th am: Andrew – Short Thoughts on Long Words – Regeneration pm: Andrew 12th  am: Nigel – Short Thoughts on Long Words – Propitiation pm: […]